The 2012 SATA IPT tournament finished on Monday…. The weather played its part and the field conditions were fantastic.

A big WELL DONE goes out to all the referees, players and administrators that were involved , their efforts are much appreciated and tournaments like these are not possible without all the hard work.

Over All Results :

1st place Western Province

2nd place Western Cape

3rd place Gauteng

Men s Division:

1st Western Cape

2nd Western Province

3rd Northern Gauteng

4th Eastern Gauteng

5th Gauteng

6th KZN

7th Soweto

Ladies Division:

1st Western Province

2nd KZN

3rd Northern Gauteng

4th Gauteng

5th Eastern Gauteng

6th Western Cape

Mixed Division:

1st Gauteng

2nd Western Cape

3rd Soweto

4th Western Province

5th Eastern Gauteng

Men s Division Most Valued Player : Ishmael Slamang

Men s Division Top try scorer : Ishmael Slamang

Ladies division Most Valued Player : Jessica Fry

Ladies division Top Try Scorer : Jessica Fry

Mixed Division Most Valued Player : Justin Ive

Mixed Division Top Try Scorer : Eniyaaz Johnson

Also congratulations to our own In 2 Touch League Manager Trevor Leith for a 2nd place as Mixed division Most Valued Player and 2nd top try scorer .

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