About In 2 Touch

The Sportsman Group

  • In 2 Touch SA and UK are member companies of the “The Sportsman Group” – a set of businesses involved in all spheres of corporate sports provision, event management, general promotions and field marketing.
  • With a track record spanning over 20 years, The Sportsman Group continues to grow and maintain its network of offices in the UK and South Africa. The Sportsman Group is confident in its ability to conceptualize, plan and implement an event or promotion that will increase the awareness and value of your Brand!
  • Visit www.sportsman.co.za for more information on this company.

Touch rugby

  • In 2 Touch believes in a simple philosophy when staging touch rugby-leagues and events around the world – “The Overall Touch Experience”.
  • Touch rugby is not just about the 40 minutes spent on the field of play, but more importantly the whole experience that one gets when choosing to play touch rugby with In 2 Touch.
  • We aim to achieve positive answers to the following questions: How did you hear about us? Were staff members friendly and helpful? Were the referees clear and objective? Is the website efficient? Were any problems and disputes handled properly? Did you enjoy the social vibe after the game?

History of In 2 Touch

  • In 2 Touch was founded in the summer of 1995 in South Africa when the opportunity to start a small touch rugby league in Johannesburg materialized. Since that date, the In 2 Touch brand has expanded throughout South Africa and today schools, universities and corporate touch rugby events and leagues have become an institution, thanks to the hard-working and talented In 2 Touch staff.
  • In 2003, In 2 Touch made the strategic decision to launch its business in the United Kingdom and to date has achieved staggering results in a country with such potential for the sport of touch rugby.

The future

  • As the gospel of rugby, in all its forms, spreads around the world, In 2 Touch aims to be at the threshold of promoting the sport of touch rugby.
  • As the largest promoter of the sport in South Africa and the UK, In 2 Touch has set it sights on continually improving both itself and each player’s experience on and off the field.
  • In 2 Touch embraces dynamic and motivated people who would like to start and promote the sport of touch rugby under our banner. We have the necessary infrastructure to support existing leagues and the experience to launch new ones.


  • Players, teams and franchises will notice that In 2 Touch makes use of some the most sophisticated league management software currently available in the world. Spawtz.com is currently used by all “Pay to Play” sports businesses in South Africa (Action Sport, Corporate Soccer, Soccer 5’s) and in the UK.

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