40 Teams took part in the opening leg of the Hot Summer of Touch at Strand Beach on Saturday. What was overall a great day of Touch was unfortunately marred by an incident in the final game which saw the Living Legends and the Score Energy Warriors getting involved in an unsavoury altercation which lead to the Referees calling off the game before the final whistle.

Disciplinary steps are being implemented on the guilty parties and details of these measures will be communicated within the next 72 hours.

The rules of the Pro Series govern that “In the event of a Tournament not being completed for any reason whatsoever, no points will be allocated whatsover”. This means that all teams once again begin with 0 points.

The Open tournament was won by ” The Legends” a group of players made up of old Shufflers, Dwergies and Nomads.

The Plate was won by the New Borne Rebels

The series moves to Onrus on Monday…

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