In 2 Touch has been promoting, organizing and managing Touch Rugby Leagues for the past 16 years. The organization had humble beginnings and through the sheer tenacity of its founders, starting off with nothing more than a few good ideas and a fortune of hard work, the organization boomed to a national business which has provided many hours of pleasure to many people…

As the business has grown, so too has it evolved over the years, with many innovations and advances which have improved certain aspects of its operation. Naturally however, the growth of the business requires more energy and focus on key areas to sustain the

service and value that In 2 Touch set out to achieve when we began.

The first step in this direction is to announce that we have been joined by Derek Page, who has invested into the company and is now a full partner.

Derek hails from East London where he spent many years as the Stadium manager for the Border Rugby Union. He has run World Cup Rugby Matches, British Lions Matches, Craven Week, National Development Rugby Tournaments and many other Sports related events, not to mention being an avid lover of playing Touch. This experience and love for the game will no doubt enhance the In 2 Touch Leagues. He has been working out of our Johannesburg office as National League Manager for the last 10 months and investing in the company was a natural progression as he see’s so much potential.

In this time, he has identified a number of areas that could be improved on and has also identified some exciting and innovative opportunities and ideas which will raise the level of what our players have become used to. He will be working overtime with his team, implementing these ideas with the aims of adding value to all our players and making the leagues more enjoyable!

Grahame Bobrow, a founder member of the organization is still very involved whilst operating out of Cape Town. His 16 years of experience and knowledge of the business is paramount to the ongoing success of the business. The growth of In 2 Touch leagues over the past 16 years to where it is now, is testimony to his dedication to the sport.

Together Derek and Grahame will be instilling the old values that we strived for all those years ago in the newer members of our committed management team, together with the added value that we can now offer, to ultimately ensure that you, our loyal players and customers receive all they deserve and more.

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